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Casa Turquesa, The Simple Poetry of Contemplation

Located between the mountains and the sea, the inn offers unique and singular experiences in the bucolic city of Paraty

“The only true travel wouldn’t be found in traveling to different lands but in having different eyes” (Marcel Proust)

Located in front of Paraty’s docks, the inn has views of the islands fluctuating between the ocean and the rain forest. Inaugurated in May 2008, Casa Turquesa represents the essence of living singular experiences.

The mansion itself, a colonial turquoise and white house dating from the 18th century that has burned down 30 years ago, was restored under the renowned architect Renato Tavolaro. He was able to recover the architectonic splendor of its time by adding comfort and unpretentious luxury.

The idyllic scenery of one of the most important colonial cities became a possible poetic set of houses and now is transformed into a Maison d’hôtes by Tete. When she arrived in Paraty, in the early 90’s, this paulistana who had lived 12 years in the south of France, started specializing with tourism by acquiring a schooner.

By braving the seas, getting to know each of the town’s particularities, visiting islands and organizing different itineraries with her friends, she felt the need to create a venue that worked as a meeting place, with a luxuriously cool atmosphere that joined comfort, cosiness and good taste. In this context, the “feel at home” concept legitimates the invitation to experience it.

The guest, received by a well-prepared staff and many times by the owner herself, is invited to change shoes for a pair of customized Havaianas sandals. A personalized letter written by Tete, is left in each of the nine suites with suggestions for tours around the historical town.

With regards to infrastructure, Casa Turquesa has an internal patio, a swimming pool with hydromassage, a bar, a gazebo, a garden and even a reading room comprising a computer and a small fireplace for colder days. The rooms also offer luxurious comfort: king and queen-sized beds, 100% cotton 600-threads sheets, vast bathrooms with amenities sets and, in the suites, hot tubs. Furnitures made by Brazilian designers, nautical fabrics and pantings, and works by artists such as Jacques Rey and Tiacho Baenninger are also part of the spaces’ harmonious and cozy decor.

In deference to local gastronomical culture, Casa Turquesa doesn’t offer neither lunch nor dinner. For those who wish to stay at the inn, it offers light and healthy options such as quiches, salads and stuffed crab and fish shells. Breakfast is prepared in the inn’s own kitchen, served daily and with no restriction hours. It’s filled with delicious options such as muffins and tapiocas. At the end of the day, when guests are back from their strolls, other culinary surprises await, such as a just baked cake. During the happy hour at the Casa Turquesa’s bar, a turquoise dry accompanied by salmon ceviche is an excellent option to start the night.

Five Years of Open Doors

Inaugurated five years ago, Casa Turquesa is celebrating. The owner Tetê Etrusco wants to share with clients and friends this moment of commemoration, which praises the art of hospitality in synch with its original concept, “maison d’hôtes”.

One of these delicate touches is the long-waited cookbook, with illustrations made by illustrator Filipe Jardim. There are about 30 recipes, all specially selected by the owner — among them, “mommy’s nuts cake” and an aromatic dry fruits salad. “I want to share with my clients and friends recipes given to my by people who, throughout the years, have been through my life. They are simple and easy recipes that can be prepared here, in the inn, during a cooking class, and that are a part of Casa Turquesa’s success”, says Tetê.

For the guests’ convenience, the cookbook can be acquired at the inn’s boutique, where it’s also possible to find pieces from Casa Turquesa’s trousseau and other treats that reflect perfectly the lifestyle of this historical two-story building in Paraty.

About Paraty

Located between the mountains and the sea, Paraty is divided in two parts: the first one is the mainland also known as Serra da Bocaina National Park, and the other one is the bay that frames it. There’s a perfect balance between waterfalls, lakes, rain forests and the bay, which depicts a natural aquarium filled with great beauty.

About 400 years ago, alongside the sugar mills that still exist, the town was the main exit for Minas Gerais’ gold en route to the European harbors. Its historical prominence contributed to the creation of the most charming architectonic ensemble in Brazil, listed by the National Historic Heritage and recognized by UNESCO as the country’s most harmonious set.

In the last couple of years, this emblematic city from the fluminense seaside transformed itself into an expressive cultural and artistic centre with the realization of FLIP (Paraty International Literary Festival), Paraty em Foco (a photography festival), the Cinema Festival and other various events in music, theatre, fine arts and dance. Such plurality and diversity have added even more value to the incomparable legacy of the town, which has had its riches preserved by 200 years of isolation. The rediscovery of Paraty occurred only in the 1970s, when the Rio-Santos road was inaugurated to integrate the seaside of Brazil’s two most important states (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo).

CASA TURQUESA Maison d’hôtes

Rua Dr. Pereira, 50 Centro Histórico Paraty – RJ Tel.: + 55 24 – 3371.1037 (reservations)

Press assistance for Casa Turquesa:

Baobá Comunicação, Cultura e Conteúdo
João Jacques –
Rua Porangaba, nº 149, Bosque da Saúde | 04136-020 – São Paulo – SP
+55 11 3482-2510 | +55 11 3482-6908


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