Combine world-class hospitality with unique natural and cultural assets to position Brazil beside countries like Italy and France at the top tier of international luxury travel.


Unite to tell the Brazil story in all its diversity, celebrating Brazilian qualities of passion and imagination.


  • Increase Brazil’s presence in the international luxury travel market.
  • Create partnerships with public institutions, associations, private companies and professionals that engage in similar activities in Brazil and abroad.
  • Foster opportunities for associates to sell their products and services.
  • Promote environmental and cultural preservation by promoting sustainable tourism and development.
  • Prepare studies on luxury tourism in Brazil which serve as a source of accurate information and a reference in the luxury tourism segment.

Our Sustainability Commitment

If its not sustainable, its not the BLTA. Our core value is to develop a tourism sector for Brazil which is permanent and enriches the lives of people, while always preserving our natural environment. 

"5-star hotels and 5-star communities"- is the ideal shared by every BLTA member. 

In 2018 BLTA continues its collaboration with Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica, an innovative partnership of conservancy on the Archipelago of Alcatrazes, on the north coast of São Paulo.

We'll also launch an annual BRAZILIAN SUSTAINABLE TOURISM AWARD to recognise model initiatives among our members.