Marketing Intern

Location - São Paulo, SP

Location Hotel Emiliano  . Role requires elaborating and creating content for social medial.


Location - São Paulo, SP

Location Hotel Emiliano São Paulo. Attending phones and presence for clients, check-in / check-out procedures, closing of daily accounts and some concierge duties.

Commercial and Reservation Assistant

Location - Trancoso, Bahia

Make reservations for individuals and legal entities, make the registration, clarify doubts about daily rates, availability, location and other services and prepare proposals for packages.

Marketing Coordinator

Location - São Paulo, SP

Coordinate commercial and marketing actions for 4 hotels - in addition to the Pousada Literaria de Paraty, the Pousada Tutabel de Trancoso, the Pousada Tankamana and the Hotel Solar do Império de Petrópolis. It includes the coordination of the partnerships of press, social networks, commercial representation beyond the development of products and materials.


Location - Camburi, São Sebastião



  • With a one-year
  • Have good communication
  • Be proactive
  • Have a right image with people and other employees.
  • Know the techniques of the waiter service
  • Have mastered selling techniques
  • Availability of time
  • Preference Men



  • Com experiência mínima de um ano na área
  • Ter uma boa comunicação
  • Ser proativo
  • Ter uma postura ética respeitando os hospedes e demais colaboradores.
  • Conhecer as técnicas do serviço de garçom
  • Ter domínio das técnicas de venda
  • Ter disponibilidade de horário
  • Preferência Homens


Location - Camburi, São Sebastião


  • With a one-year
  • Be proactive
  • Be ethical with other employees
  • Have hygiene and organization
  • be flexible in the work scale


  • Com experiência mínima de um ano na área
  • Ser proativo
  • Ter ética com os demais colaboradores
  • Ter higiene e organização
  • Ser flexível no horário de escala de trabalho


Location - Camburi, São Sebastião


  • With experience in the
  • Have good communication
  • Be bilingual (no fluent intermediate English intermediate)
  • Be proactive
  • Preference Men
  • Time availability


  • Com experiência na área
  • Ter uma boa comunicação
  • Ser bilíngue (no mínimo inglês intermediário com fluência )
  • Ser proativo
  • Preferência Homens
  • Disponibilidade de horário


Location - Camburi, São Sebastião


  • Have Organization and notions of cleanliness
  • Be proactive
  • Time availability
  • Have good communication 


  • Ter Organização e noções de limpeza
  • Ser proativo
  • Disponibilidade de Horário
  • Ter uma boa comunicação

Hospitality Manager

Alta Floresta - MT

We are looking for a hospitality manager, with broad and extensive knowledge in the tourism industry.

This opportunity is designed for passionate, knowledgeable, hartful individuals to join our family in hospitality. We seek people who love nature, think originally and react instinctively. 

The role is guest oriented, focused on luxury of the essential. Previous experience in hotel management is required for this position, as well as engagement in leadership roles with teams of various sizes. English, Portuguese and Spanish are key languages for the job. 


About Cristalino Lodge

Cristalino Lodge is a leading hotel in the Amazon, offering premier services and facilities for high-end travellers. Cristalino Lodge seeks to transform people's perception of what travel can be. We do this by treating every person as an individual, with grace, attention and respect.

Sales and Operations Analyst / Analista de Vendas e Operações

e-group em SP (Campo Belo)


In the charm and wind sports business for 18 years, responsible for the direct administration of 2 hostel in Ceará, it also offers consulting / advisory services and representation to other lodges, also acts as a tour operator.


Work together with another analyst, reporting directly to the board.


- Advanced English.


- Excel intermediary



- Finance with negotiation

- Proactivity

- Organization

- Commitment to the outcome

- Acting with operators, agencies and clients;

- Budget and Organization of events and weddings;

- Management of allotments and stop sales of tourism agencies and operators;

- Research and price formation, sending of tariffs, help in reservations, group budgets, events, itineraries and seasonal packages;

- Relationship with hotels in the group;

- Development and implementation of new products;

- Logistics and Sales Operation;

- Updating of documents: terms of responsibility, voucher of reservations, tariffs;

- Assistance in the sending and follow up of quotations of reserves;

- Guest relationship email (after check-out);

- Telephone service (information for reservation in hotels).

- Development and implementation of offline and digital sales strategies.